Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mosquito Essence

I've got this article from one of the biggest forum in my country and is written in my own language. I try to translate it in English in order that can be reviewed by everyone who know much about mosquito essence. The person who wrote the article confessed that he formerly worked at one of mosquito essence company in Indonesia. However, because he never reveal his indentity, it is difficult for us to believe his honesty.


How often do you use mosquito repellent? What is its brand? What kind of it do you have? How much potent is it? Those are questions which come up when we talk about mosquito repellent. However, many person often do not ask about its safety against our life. Honestly, there are no mosquito repellents in Indonesia that are really potent and safe.

The basic principle that must be understood by everyone when using mosquito repellent is that the substance made of it is poisonous, and in fact there are no safe-poisons. I was sad to see false advertisements of repellents in the TV and other medias. Do you know about the newest of Baygon advertisement promoting Blue Baygon which is claimed not making someone cough, with its fresh fragrant? The advertisement is really exagarate / excessive and misleading, because by the ad, people thinks they are free of staying in the room when the repellent is spraying.

Baygon contains 2 main poisons, that are Propoxur and transfluthrin. Propoxur is the prohibited compound karbamat. One of its mixture, MIC, had killed thousands of people and caused nerves damage thousand hundreds of other person in the Bhopal case in India. Its use has been prohibited in the world because it is strongly suspected contain carsinogenic substance. Whereas, transfluthrin is relatively safe at this time.

I ever work in a factory that make propoxur more than 1.5 years so I know much about this. I ever poisoned propoxur just because I touch it by hand, although my hand wore gloves. I caught a terrible fever for more than 7 days. What effects will someone got if he breath small amount of it everyday?

The mosquito repellent HIT which promotes itself as a potent and cheap mosquito repellent is indeed a little more potent from Baygon, but it is also more dangerous because it is not only use Propoxur but also DDVP or dichlorvos, the chlorine descendants's substance chlorine that has been banned to use since many years ago. Cheaper but more dangerous, how can you choose one of them?

Whereas other mosquito repellent like green-Cap Baygon, Vape, Raid and Mortein are indeed non-propoxur and non-DDVP but their capability to dissipate mosquitos is very doubtful, they are only effective fighting Aedes mosquitoes but they can not handle Culex mosquitoes sp (mosquitoes which come everynight in our house).

The tender fragrant of aerosol mosquito repellent and its spray edition should precisely become the warning that we might not be in the room when the smell of fragant is still exist, approximately for 1 hour.

Then what kind of repellent we must use? None of them are suggested. They are all the same, not only spray, but also mosquito repellent burnt and electric, they are all dangerous. The use of mosquito repellent by means of burnt or electrically must be in the room with good air circulation in order to reduce the proportion of the poisons mixed with oxygen in the room.

How about mosquitos cream repellent such as Autan, Sari Puspa / Soffell or Lavender? For your information: Ketiganya mengandung racun bernama Diethyltoluamide atau DEET.

How about mosquitos cream repellent such as Autan, Sari Puspa / Soffell or Lavender? For your information: The Three Of Them contained poison named Diethyltoluamide or DEET.

DEET this was very corrosive, Autan could not be kept in forum PVC plastic sachet
PVC or iron because in a week, DEET will erode his layer. Imagine when it often hit our skin?
So once more happens the public's lying through the advertisement anti-mosquitoes creams that they are soft for skin, nourishes with Aloe Vera, and other moisturizer. With those moisturizer, they are still dangerous and you are not allowed using them for tender and sensitive skin or fo children below 2 years.

what must we do then? The only safe way is back to nature. At night, we are safe to use mosquito net, and in the afternoon, we use electricity racket. Mosquito repellent should only be used when the mosquito disturbance is very intense and we can not controll them again. Use mosquito repellent with care and do not think it is safe. Choose mosquito repellent which has smallest poison-content.



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