Sunday, September 21, 2008

White Chocolate or the Brown One?

Besides having brown color, there is also a kind of chocolate which has white color. People often prefers to white chocolate by assumption that white chocolate has less fat than the brown one. But do not be cheated. White chocolate does not contain solid white cocoa seed (cocoa butter), and it is mingled with dense milk and sugar. This cocoa butter is very saturated, it means it contains high cholesterol.

Beneath it all, brown chocolate is better than the white one for health. Moreover its cocoa content is over than 60 percent. Beside containing a large amount of important nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, kalium, iron, vitamin B, D, and E, cocoa contains flavonoid compound which is important to prevent from coronary disease and the growth of cancer cells. Even accroding to research, magnesium content in chocolate can repair woman emotion before and during menstruation.

Erika from rubrik kesehatan kompas

Monday, September 15, 2008

Asthma and Vitamin C

Do you have child or nephew suffer from asthma? Just try giving them vitamin C regulary. You can take them from fruits or vitamin supplement. According to research held by Third National Health and Nutrition Examination in 1988-1994, it is known that there is relationship between asthma and low level of vitamin C's antioxidant, alpha caroten, beta caroten, and beta criptoxantin.

Generally, the elements content in patient's blood is low. That is why it is suggested giving vitamin C and alfa caroten that significantly have influence to increase the stamina of asthma patients.

Taken from Erma Dwi Kusumastuti's writing on kompas

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Naughty Children because of Junk Food

Believe or not, Sugared and fatty snacks can influence children behavior. These kinds of food can cause child tend to naughty and unable to concentrate properly. In consequence, a healthy life campaign has to be carried out to save children.

Scientists find that, without good balanced nutrients since their early age, poorly-fed children will endure gradually damages in their immune system. At school, children will become stupid.

Research proves children who do not have unhealthy-eat pattern unable to learn well at school and their test results are bad. The research result was revealed by scientists from University of London's Institute for Education.

the research project was carried out by Bristol Children since 1990 involving 14000 children. The data reveals that children fond of junk food can not grow as expected.

Dr. Pauline Emmett, nutritionist from Bristol University said, "We sure that everything is connected. All of these prove that giving nutrient as early as possible for children can improve their next growth process. Therefore, it is important for children get well-balanced nutritious food for their optimal growth."

Friday, September 5, 2008

High Dosage of Vitamin C Protects body against Stroke

The high level of vitamin C in the body can avoid someone against stroke attacks. It is the result of a 9,5 years study involving 20,000 people of middle age or older in Norfolk, England.

During the study it was found 448 stroke cases. The researchers found that since the study begun, people with high level of vitamin C had 42 percent smaller risk of stroke than people with lower concentration of vitamic C.

The primary cause of stroke such as age, gender, smoking habit, alcohol consumption, dy-weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, the physical activity, diabetes and supplement consumption, can not influence The protective effect of vitamin C against stroke.

Results of the study of Dr. Phyo K. Myint and his team of the Cambridge University, England, has been pulished by American Journal of Nutrition. "The study reinforces proof that cconsumption of fruits and vegetables in large quantities enable to protect the body against stroke attack," said gr. Phya K. Myint.

Source: Kompas, Indonesian edition

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