Friday, September 5, 2008

High Dosage of Vitamin C Protects body against Stroke

The high level of vitamin C in the body can avoid someone against stroke attacks. It is the result of a 9,5 years study involving 20,000 people of middle age or older in Norfolk, England.

During the study it was found 448 stroke cases. The researchers found that since the study begun, people with high level of vitamin C had 42 percent smaller risk of stroke than people with lower concentration of vitamic C.

The primary cause of stroke such as age, gender, smoking habit, alcohol consumption, dy-weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, the physical activity, diabetes and supplement consumption, can not influence The protective effect of vitamin C against stroke.

Results of the study of Dr. Phyo K. Myint and his team of the Cambridge University, England, has been pulished by American Journal of Nutrition. "The study reinforces proof that cconsumption of fruits and vegetables in large quantities enable to protect the body against stroke attack," said gr. Phya K. Myint.

Source: Kompas, Indonesian edition


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