Monday, June 30, 2008

Side effects Sitting in front of Computer

More often you are sitting in front of computer, more vulnarable you are to get physical and mental fatigues, and sleep difficulty. This is a result of a research held by medical team of Chiba University, Japan.

Today computer is a general electronic peripheral used in various job fields, but there is little information about the danger of being long sitting in front of it. To inquire it, Dr. Tetsuya Nakazawa and some of his friends carry on survey to 25 thousand white colars workers who are usual working in front of computers.

As a result, many of them complain of headache, fatigue eye, joint pain, and stiff at shoulder. In other hand they also frequently experience mental symptom, like lethargy or a kind allergy of certain substance, dread and unwillingness to go to the office. They also experience insomnia or sleeplessness. The extraordinary fatigue befalls to workers that will pass the time more than five hour every day in front of computer.

Survey result shows that how many duration you spend in front of computer in one day, it will really influence the level of your consciousness. So the precaution from this mental damage and sleep trouble is advising you to lessen time you spend with your computer. Not more than five hour a day. This is the conclusion of the research report (D.A Candraningrum)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Vitamin Supplement Supports Tubercolusis Treatment

Nutritional diet with supplement, including selenium and vitamin A, B complex, C and E, can maximise medical treatment of the tuberculosis patient. Consuming those vitamins also reduces the risk level of illness complication to Tubercolusis patient.

This is the result of a study to 887 Tubercolusis patients held by team of researchers from harvard School of Public Health, Boston. "Nutrient status is an important indicator of clinical result of a patient with infection," said Dr Eduardo Villamor from Harvard School of Public Health to Reuters Health in New York.

Villamor and his colleague explains their hypothesis that supplementation of nutrition will reduce the risk of illness complication and death to tuberculosis patients who is undergoing medical treatment.

They tested the hypothesis in the study that involved 887 patients in the Salaam ice Bang, Tanzania.

The use of nutrition is connected with the risk reduction of medical failure of Tubercolusis treatment and reduces as far as 45 percent of illness relapse after successful medical treatment.

The effect is more stronger for group of Tubercolusis patients infected by HIV, the main virus of AIDS. HIV patients often have tubercolusis as their illness complication.

Nutrition supplementation is also related to the risk reduction of illness complication of tubercolusis that attacks lungs.

"We convince that the finding can become important additional therapy fo tubercolusis patients," said Dr Christine Stabell Benn from Statens Serum Institut, Copenhagen.
(Reuters Health)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Sleep Deprivation Uplifts Cardiovascular and Mortality

Insufficient sleep time does not only make you short-tempered, but it can also stress your heart and raise your risk of cardiovascular disease and death. It is the result of a study held by University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. The study have been presented at SLEEP 2007, he annual gathering of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The research reveals another effect of sleep deprivation, besides other neurological and behavioral effects such as lowered concentration, hand-eye coordination and poor mood.

When someone has sleep deficit over just five nights, it is enough to stress his heart.
The researchers tested the cardiac function of their 39 volunteers twice -- once at the beginning of the study, after a night of 10 hours' sleep, and again after five nights when they got a mere four hours of shut-eye each night.

The electrocardiograms revealed that all of the volunteers had a much faster heart beat and significantly less heart rate variability following the nights of sleep deprivation.

Heart rate variability describes the naturally occurring beat-to-beat changes in heart rate which reflect the body's adjustment to a host of stresses and stimuli.

Reduced variability can be a marker for cardiac problems and other diseases and has been linked to high blood pressure.

"The effect of the sleep deficit was to increase the stress on the hearts of these volunteers," said Siobhan Banks, a lead author on the study.

"If our finding is sustained by a larger group and further analysis, it may suggest why short sleep duration is associated with a heightened risk of cardiovascular disease and mortality."

The findings are consistent with previous research showing that shift workers are at higher risk for cardiovascular disease due to the fact that they get less sleep because of the disruption in their circadian or sleep-wake rhythms.

In another study, researchers reported that extra sleep can help athletes raise their game. The athletes also reported improved energy and improved mood during practices and games, according to the Stanford University investigators.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

54 Local Traditional Drugs Claimed Dangerous

Food and Medicine Supervisory State Body (BPOM) announces that 54 brands of local traditional medicine spread in Indonesia contain dangerous chemical drugs. 54 brands fo the traditional medicines are such as OBAT KUAT, jamu and medicine strong, OBAT CAPEK, blood-vessel acid, and body slimming.

The Head of BPOM, dr Husniah Rubiana Thamrin, told the medicines evidently contains dangerous chemical drugs, as sibutramin, hidroklorida, sildenafil citrate, siproheptadin, fenilbutason, acid mefenamat, prednison, metampiron, teofilin, and parasetamol.

Recently BPOM branches in all of Indonesia continuously inspect traditional medicines sold in open markets. Since 2007, Many of them are accused using toxin chemical susbtance or the mixture is not compatible with the label. All of those medicines brought to the laboratory will be examined. The result is that 46 of 54 products use fake regristration number, 7 brands are different between their contents with their labels, and 1 brands unlisted from foreign country

"Every drugs and traditional medicine which do not pass away the test will be directly pulled and annihilated."

"If the drugs get away the test, but different with their existing lable, we give them warning," stated Husniah in BPOM office Jakarta, yesterday.

According to Husniah, 54 brands of drugs and traditional medicines are found and seized in 15 sub-provinces and cities in Indonesia. Some of them from Yogyakarta, Cilacap, DKI Jakarta, Banjarmasin, Kendari, Medan, Mataram, Lampung, Aceh, Bandung, Pontianak, Bengkulu, Padang, Pekanbaru, Kupang and Makassar. "We have commanded all offices of BPOM in Indonesia to monitor and draw dangerous medicine from circulation," he said. Drugs and traditional medicines that assumed dangerous can be seen at the table.

Husniah stated that traditional medicines contained chemical substance felt efficacious if drinked, but its side effects can destroy body organ. Even, it brings death.

Meanwhile, traditional drugs and medicines researcher from Yayasan Lembaga Konsumen Indonesia (YLKI) Ida Marlinda told there are still many traditional drugs and medicines that contain hard chemicals substance circulating in the market. If they consumes, they can destroy body organ because of their high doses.


(sofian dwi - seputar Indonesia)

Monday, June 9, 2008


Conduct Early Detection
Don't let virus HPV penetrate your body, immediately conduct early detection after married.

Keep Your Vagina Health
Wash vagina cleanly so that viruses and germs can not go into it.

Don't Use Vagina Antiseptic
In vagina, there is bacterium in vagina that can produce acid. The bacterium kill bad germs exist in vagina. If women uses antiseptic oftenly, then germ that produce acid will be death.

Use contraception device
Sexual disease happens because of sexual intercourse without protection. It also produces white substance in smelly vagina.

Don't Use Pantyliners To Much
Woman that excessively use pantyliners will make her vagina damp. So use pantyliners not to much.
(Inggrid n)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Flatulent Stomach bothers Your Gastric System

Many people assumes that flatulent stomach means maag disease. However, flatulent stomach does not always means maag disease. Nausea, vomit, flatulent, decrease of appetite, and other related symptoms can be caused by indigestion. Indigestion might happen at upper digestion or lower digestion.

This statement is expressed by Dr. H Ari Fahrial Syam SpPDKGEH, MMB, Gastroenterology staff, medical Faculty, University of Indonesia, in a seminar titles "The Important of enzyme role in gastrointernal system."

Consuming wrong medicine can make the ill patients become unhealthy or uncured. Even the failure brings kidney malfunction to the patients. The failure also brings other diseases such as usus buntu, radang kandung kencing, and etc.

The main cause of flatulent differs from one to others. According to doctor Ari, if someone eats bread then he gets his stomach flatulent and BUANG AIR ENCER, it is perhaps that he does not have enough certain enzyme to digest the kind of food. Flatulent stomach can also be caused by physical stress.

Nausea and vomitting after eating also can happen because there are excessive gasses in the gastric. There is no limitation in age for everyone struck by the illness. Everyone has potent to ill according to what they consume. However, 40 - 60 years of age is more potent to struck.

enzyme is protein needed by body to break food into smaller parts so that intestine system can absorb them easily. The digestion process needs enzyme as helping tool. Without enzyme, the food can not be digested smoothly.

Enzyme is also needed to keep human health and metabolism proccess in the body. The anomaly of enzyme can cause maldigestion, and then malabsorbtion.

The lack of enzyme can be happened because of genetic factor, pancreas disorder, and old age. One of good solution to handle the disease is by consuming enzyme supplement.

Chronic enzyme disorder can cause the patients malnutrition. The weight amount of patients who have malnutrition will decrease significantly.

How can we get enough enzyme beside using enzyme supplements? Enzyme can be drew back again by consuming fruits and vegetables at a needed amount, or as we stated before, by consuming a good enzyme supplement which has exact composition.
(Inggrid Namirazswara)

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