Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Flatulent Stomach bothers Your Gastric System

Many people assumes that flatulent stomach means maag disease. However, flatulent stomach does not always means maag disease. Nausea, vomit, flatulent, decrease of appetite, and other related symptoms can be caused by indigestion. Indigestion might happen at upper digestion or lower digestion.

This statement is expressed by Dr. H Ari Fahrial Syam SpPDKGEH, MMB, Gastroenterology staff, medical Faculty, University of Indonesia, in a seminar titles "The Important of enzyme role in gastrointernal system."

Consuming wrong medicine can make the ill patients become unhealthy or uncured. Even the failure brings kidney malfunction to the patients. The failure also brings other diseases such as usus buntu, radang kandung kencing, and etc.

The main cause of flatulent differs from one to others. According to doctor Ari, if someone eats bread then he gets his stomach flatulent and BUANG AIR ENCER, it is perhaps that he does not have enough certain enzyme to digest the kind of food. Flatulent stomach can also be caused by physical stress.

Nausea and vomitting after eating also can happen because there are excessive gasses in the gastric. There is no limitation in age for everyone struck by the illness. Everyone has potent to ill according to what they consume. However, 40 - 60 years of age is more potent to struck.

enzyme is protein needed by body to break food into smaller parts so that intestine system can absorb them easily. The digestion process needs enzyme as helping tool. Without enzyme, the food can not be digested smoothly.

Enzyme is also needed to keep human health and metabolism proccess in the body. The anomaly of enzyme can cause maldigestion, and then malabsorbtion.

The lack of enzyme can be happened because of genetic factor, pancreas disorder, and old age. One of good solution to handle the disease is by consuming enzyme supplement.

Chronic enzyme disorder can cause the patients malnutrition. The weight amount of patients who have malnutrition will decrease significantly.

How can we get enough enzyme beside using enzyme supplements? Enzyme can be drew back again by consuming fruits and vegetables at a needed amount, or as we stated before, by consuming a good enzyme supplement which has exact composition.
(Inggrid Namirazswara)


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