Sunday, June 22, 2008

Vitamin Supplement Supports Tubercolusis Treatment

Nutritional diet with supplement, including selenium and vitamin A, B complex, C and E, can maximise medical treatment of the tuberculosis patient. Consuming those vitamins also reduces the risk level of illness complication to Tubercolusis patient.

This is the result of a study to 887 Tubercolusis patients held by team of researchers from harvard School of Public Health, Boston. "Nutrient status is an important indicator of clinical result of a patient with infection," said Dr Eduardo Villamor from Harvard School of Public Health to Reuters Health in New York.

Villamor and his colleague explains their hypothesis that supplementation of nutrition will reduce the risk of illness complication and death to tuberculosis patients who is undergoing medical treatment.

They tested the hypothesis in the study that involved 887 patients in the Salaam ice Bang, Tanzania.

The use of nutrition is connected with the risk reduction of medical failure of Tubercolusis treatment and reduces as far as 45 percent of illness relapse after successful medical treatment.

The effect is more stronger for group of Tubercolusis patients infected by HIV, the main virus of AIDS. HIV patients often have tubercolusis as their illness complication.

Nutrition supplementation is also related to the risk reduction of illness complication of tubercolusis that attacks lungs.

"We convince that the finding can become important additional therapy fo tubercolusis patients," said Dr Christine Stabell Benn from Statens Serum Institut, Copenhagen.
(Reuters Health)


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