Saturday, April 26, 2008

Do You Have Allergy?

Allergy arises if immune system gives excessive reaction to substances that usually not generate problem to most people. Allergy disease is known as modern epidemic. In sub-tropical climate countries more than 20% of their resident endure ‘hay fever’, asthma or eksema atopik. However, hay fever is most common than any others.

Hay fever is caused by pollen allergen. The main symptom is itchy nose, sneezes, itchy-watered eye and clogged-up nose. Though this symptoms usually do not threaten one’s soul, patient experiences of degradation in the quality of their everyday life.

Avoid allergen, for example by using tiling floor and not carpet, this way is frequently be useful. Drugs that can be given to the patient including antihistamin tablet, eye drip medicine, intra-nasal kortikosteroid and oral steroid. Immune therapy can be applied for patient that can not be cured completely by using any medicines mentioned above.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Research Reveal the Possibility of Multiple Orgasm

A hormone type produced when someone has sexual intercourse maybe is a key of a problem about the rising of sexual desire. This is the result of Germany expert research.

Drs. Manfred Schedlowski and Michael Exton from Medical Phsychology Institute of Essen University, Germany, recently measure the level of various hormones in blood of 10 women when they begin masturbation till reach orgasm.

The experiment reveals that the level of prolaktin hormone rises after orgasm. The hormone is responsible to the rising and lowering of libido.

We see 100 percents escalation and remain to be at enough level until an hour after orgasm," say Exton. "We sure that prolaktin response to sexual desire is by giving negative input to the brain, then arranges someone desire to have sexual intercourse after the experience of orgasm."

Prolaktin, that released by pituitary gland, is currently noted very related to the production of mother milk at woman after pregnancy.

Excessive prolaktin production can causes decrease of libido and social function both for female or man. Previous Research by same team in common measures similar effect at man, but the level of prolaktin in man is higher than woman.

The result of the study enables researcher to produce 'miraculous' medicine that can depress prolaktin production, enabling someone to experience multiple orgasm in a single sexual intercourse.

"But this is not the mainwork of our research, but according to me, there is a place from psychological side to use such medicine," said Exton

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Do You Want to Know Your disease? Open Wide Your Mouth!

by Puteri Fatia

Do you have already known early sympton of diabetes, heart disease or leukimia? There is simple way to know those. let your mouth wide open.

If some say that eyes can express someone's feeling, whereas mouth can also open the secret of your health. Newest research proves, your mouth condition can express early symptoms of dangerous disease, even it can predict premature birth.

One of diabetes symptoms is extreem tooth and gum disease.

"Patients with diabetes tends to have 3-4 more mouth illness than ones not having diabetes disease," said Sally Cram, American Dental Association official speaker which is quoted by Webmd, Friday (10/11/2006).

Generally, diabetes patient was easily injured when they brush their teeth or when they are using denture cleaner yarn. The tooth of diabetes patient also frequently get abscess.

Those are all happened because phabocyte of diabetes patients are damaged. Whereas phabocyte is absolutely needed to fight against bacterium which cause infection in mouth. Besides gum problem, diabetes also results dry mouth, sprue, and heat mouth.

The smell of someone mouth also can express his tendency of high blood sugar. The smell is often called "acetone breath", a sweet aroma that can immediately be recognized by dentist, marking that the patient has diabetes.

However, if your mouth smells undelicate, it shows that you are experiencing of nose, mouth, lung, or stomach infection

Osteoporosis and broken tooth have close correlation. If someone experiences Osteoporosis, then it is because he/she experiences degradation of bone density. The close result is pain at hip and some parts of the body which are expostulated by bones. This process also influences the sturdy of jowl and tooth.

At some woman, there are three or four moments where someone risks more of mouth disease. First, the moment after menopausal, then when age of puberty, pregnancy, and about/around a period of menstruate per month. At these moments, certain hormone rises until triggers inflamation processes and make mouth more risks to bacterium infection.

Lately estrogen therapy is found and can help this problem. The therapy actually can help lessening the level of tooth brittleness and gingivitis.

Newest Research compares the health mouth of 256 adult heart patients with 250 other patients without heart sickness. The result is it is known that the first mark of early heart sickness is pericoronitis or gum infection around tooth molar. Then usually tooth will decay until only leaving small part of its root. The disease is usually accompanied by gingivitis, mouth inflammation, and broken tooth.

This condition is perhaps caused by bacterium in mouth which is common as the cause of atherosclerotic plaque (disparity at vein that accompanied plaque and inelastic), related to heart sickness.

Research proves woman that experience of gum trouble during a period of pregnancy have 7 times more risky of premature birth experience. Not only premature, baby that were born generally smaller than average. This is caused when someone experiences of mouth trouble, inflamation that happened caused some certain substances release to blood stream so its poison influences the weight of baby body and birth borne process. Other study mentions that cleaning plaque and tartar regularly can lessen risk borne premature.

Leukimia patient generally has gum that reddens, inflames, meradang, and softens. So, by open mouth at least you can anticipate some early symptoms of dangerous diseases. But, don't draw a conclusion by yourselff. Immediately consult to doctor if you experience symptoms like above mentioned.(fta/yla)

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dust and Allergies

by Dr. Fred Little
Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

House Dust and Asthma
In this entry, I would like to discuss how house dust and dust mites contribute to asthma in adults and children. There are also strategies you can use to control your and your child’s exposure to dust and dust mites, an important indoor asthma trigger for many individuals.

What is dust allergy?
While we often can see dust floating indoors and gathering on surfaces, it is not typically the dust to which people are allergic, but rather substances that are carried on the dust that cause hayfever symptoms and/or wheeze.
Dust is a combination of many substances, including pet dander, fabric particles, and small dust mite particles, to name a few. While high levels of dust can lead to irritation of the nose and lungs without allergy, the most common allergens on dust are pet dander, cockroach particles, and house dust mites. Allergy to these specific triggers can be assessed by skin testing or blood testing. Allergy to these triggers that may make up part of dust in your home (every home is different) does not mean that you have a dirty home or need to brush up on your housekeeping.
When a doctor speaks of being allergic to dust, he or she typically is referring to specific allergy to dust mite. Dust mite allergic individuals react to body proteins as well as proteins released by these critters. Dust mites are very small insects that live in places that are warm, humid, and near where people spend lots of time. In our homes, dust mite levels are highest in mattresses, boxsprings, rugs, and upholstered furniture. Since they are very small, they can be easily released into the air from beds and furniture. Over 50% of asthmatics are allergic to dust mites.

Controlling dust and dust mite exposure
Simple strategies to minimize dust in the home include dusting with a damp cloth, vacuuming, and limiting the number of carpeted rooms. For rooms that need covering, area rugs are better than wall-to-wall carpeting. However, no amount of diligent housekeeping can remove dust mites. To control exposure to dust mites, the strategy is to isolate and starve the mites. This includes placing dust mite covers on mattresses, boxsprings, and pillows, as well as washing bedding every week in hot water. Dust mite covers are airtight, so the mites can’t escape and their food source (normal skin shedding from our bodies) is eliminated. Dust mite covers are relatively inexpensive and come in a range of prices, sizes, and comfort. Upholstered furniture is trickier. Some couches can be covered beneath the upholstery but typically this is not very easy – better to replace the furniture with leather or vinyl-covered furniture. At the minimum, pets should not be allowed to get on upholstered furniture.

Interesting fact
Dust mites not only like, but need, humidity to survive. Since the air in higher altitudes is drier (and cooler), dust mites do not survive much above 4,000 feet. So if you want to be sure you’re living in a mite-free home, you can consider moving to Denver!

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