Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Research Reveal the Possibility of Multiple Orgasm

A hormone type produced when someone has sexual intercourse maybe is a key of a problem about the rising of sexual desire. This is the result of Germany expert research.

Drs. Manfred Schedlowski and Michael Exton from Medical Phsychology Institute of Essen University, Germany, recently measure the level of various hormones in blood of 10 women when they begin masturbation till reach orgasm.

The experiment reveals that the level of prolaktin hormone rises after orgasm. The hormone is responsible to the rising and lowering of libido.

We see 100 percents escalation and remain to be at enough level until an hour after orgasm," say Exton. "We sure that prolaktin response to sexual desire is by giving negative input to the brain, then arranges someone desire to have sexual intercourse after the experience of orgasm."

Prolaktin, that released by pituitary gland, is currently noted very related to the production of mother milk at woman after pregnancy.

Excessive prolaktin production can causes decrease of libido and social function both for female or man. Previous Research by same team in common measures similar effect at man, but the level of prolaktin in man is higher than woman.

The result of the study enables researcher to produce 'miraculous' medicine that can depress prolaktin production, enabling someone to experience multiple orgasm in a single sexual intercourse.

"But this is not the mainwork of our research, but according to me, there is a place from psychological side to use such medicine," said Exton

Translated and edited from www.satunet.com (the site had been unavailable since 2004 or before)


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