Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Naughty Children because of Junk Food

Believe or not, Sugared and fatty snacks can influence children behavior. These kinds of food can cause child tend to naughty and unable to concentrate properly. In consequence, a healthy life campaign has to be carried out to save children.

Scientists find that, without good balanced nutrients since their early age, poorly-fed children will endure gradually damages in their immune system. At school, children will become stupid.

Research proves children who do not have unhealthy-eat pattern unable to learn well at school and their test results are bad. The research result was revealed by scientists from University of London's Institute for Education.

the research project was carried out by Bristol Children since 1990 involving 14000 children. The data reveals that children fond of junk food can not grow as expected.

Dr. Pauline Emmett, nutritionist from Bristol University said, "We sure that everything is connected. All of these prove that giving nutrient as early as possible for children can improve their next growth process. Therefore, it is important for children get well-balanced nutritious food for their optimal growth."


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