Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Therapy for Tuberculosis Patient

Many researchers believe they have found a new tuberculosis medicine. The wonderful medicine is a free telephone pulse. For years, many doctors struggled to make tuberculosis patients constantly consume their medicines at least for six months respectively.

Currently, a research held by MIT student (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) has developed the use of cellular phone.

How this can happen? The patients will get free telephone pulse if they obediently follow doctor guidance. The patients must examine their urine using paper strip designed to be able to show a numeric code if their really urine contains tuberculosis medicine. The code then can be sent via sms by the patients in order that they get a free telephone pulse for several minutes.

By this way, patients are motivated to consume their medicines and examine their urine respectively to prove they have ate their medicine. Meanwhile, the doctors will easily know that their patients have drank their medicine, because if they send the code via sms, it means that they have drank their medicine.


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