Friday, July 18, 2008

Beware of Your Printer

Free Image Hosting by FreeImageHosting.netPeople has long known about the dangerous of cigarettes for the health. But it rarely known that a printer, especially laser printer, which is oftenly used in offices, is also as dangerous as a cigarrete. Cigarrete spreads around small particles that is dangerous for the health. As a cigarette, printer also spreads around dangerous particles in a lot of numbers. The health danger caused by these particles varies from the irritation in the respiratory system to the problem kardiovaskular and cancer.

This health threat was published by Professor Lidia Morawska (International Laboratory for Quality Water and health, Queensland University of technology) based on her study recently that involved 62 kinds of printer. According to him, small particle emissions from toner printer could enter into the lungs as a cigarette smoke inhaled. If these particles is inhaled, they can cause negative effects similar with cigarette smoke.

The risk will even more increase when you are close to the printer or you work in a poor air circulation room. The other factors which can contribute the amount of partticles diffused are toner or cartridge age and the kinds of documents printed.

From 62 printers tested, 17 printers categorize dangerous for the health. Unfortunately, for any reasons, she did not mention the brand of those dangerous printers. To reduce the damaging impact, Profrsor Morawska recommended the government not only arrange rule that regulate the level of emissions of vehicles, factories, or the like, but also the emmision of office equipment like printer.
(Translate from CHIP Computer Magazine, 08 2007)


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