Friday, July 11, 2008

Haemophilia Illness Can bring Permanent Defect

Haemophilia, a genetic illness that causes the blood clotting difficult and could not be cured, can result in the permanent defect and the death if being not handled well. In fact, in Indonesia, the survive medicine for haemophilia sufferer is very expensive.

Dr. Rosiawati stated this statement when she was giving the escort in the Competition of Haemophilia Poetry reading at Blood Transfusion Unit Building of Red Cross Indonesia (PMI), Semarang Branch, on Friday, May 23 2008. This agenda was held by Yasmia Jawa Tengah, the foundation of Haematology.

"If there is a continuous bleeding on knees pivot without being treated and late of treatment, then will cause deformity or change on the knee form. The calf shape will reduce and the sufferer will disable for the rest of his life," Rosiawati said.

Moreover, the bleeding can happen at brain. If the bleeding happens to

certain nerves of the brain, it will result the permanent defect. For example, the bleeding that happens to seeing nervesat brain will cause permanent blindness. The only way to handle brain bleeding is operation.

Very small wound will be fatal for haemophilia sufferer because the bleeding will last long. The sufferer does not have substance to make blood frozen. " The bruise wound for example, can cause sweeling because blood gathers in certain part of the body. The sufferer will feel extraordinary pain.

Ideally, the patient must routinely consume a medicine named KOate. Koate is a medicine used for blood freezing. However, this medicine is very expensive, about rp. 1,8 million per vial. For middle class people, this price is too expensive. There is another medicine that can be used as a substitute, named cryopnaecipitat. The medicine has a lower price and can be obtained at UTD PMI.But the quality is not as good as koate.

According to the Yasmia member, Sulistyowati Bambang, the haemophilia sufferer must receive the support and might not be avoided. The haemophilia sufferer must be given the opportunity to develop like any normal persons because their intelligence and physical form are normal," said Sulistyowati.

Their limitations are just only at their physical activities. They can not do dangerous physical activities in case they are bleeding. The life expectancy of the haemophilia sufferer is as normal as most people, as long as they routinely consume koate or cryopnaecipitat.


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