Friday, October 31, 2008

Natural way to avoid Esophagus

Men who are fond of consuming fruits and vegetables will safe from the attack of throat cancer. The statement is based on a research conducted by Japanese doctor team, thursday. The research was carried out by japan Ministry of Health by monitoring around 39000 men, with age between 45 and 74 years old for eight years.

Esopaghus or throat cancer is known in medical term as esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (SCC). The disease is mostly suffered by Japanese men, due to the habit of smoking and drinking alcohol. The statement is stated by Shoichiro Tsugane, the chief of Epidemiology and Prevention Division at National Cancer Centre, Japan.

Men who become subject in the research were divided into three groups. Among them, it is found that the men who ate more fruits and vegetables are highly resistant against esophageal SSC than the others.

"every time we add vegetable and fruit consumption 100 gram a day, the risk of esophageal SCC is lower by 11 percent," said scientists. The research finally concludes that vegetable, especially vegetable from cruciferous family such as radish and cabbage, will degrade the esophageal SSC risk by one-third for the men who fond of smoking and drinking alcohol.

nevertheless, the scientists reminds that the best way to avoid it is by stopping smoking and drinking alcohol. It is important to know that in a research held by Britain Institute of Food a month before, it is known that men who fond of eating brocolli, one of vegetable from cruciferous family, will be avoided from prostate cancer and other chronical diseases.


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