Friday, November 7, 2008

Who thinks walking bare foot is unhealthy?

Foot functions as a backing of body organ, balance regulator and for mobility. Unconsciously, we often force our foot to do their functions without enough treatment. Do you know that foot palm has more nerves than your face?

Thousands of nerves and cencor exist in the foot palm. So when a small object of sand presents in our shoes when we are walking, we will feel it.

More than 30 of bones, 30 of joints, 30 of muscle, and more than 100 of bonding and 200 of networks exist in our foot palm. This is a very complicated construction, and make our foot become a very special system.

Foot palm is divided into 3 parts: front, middle and back. the most uniqueness of foot palm is its bone formation, which is formed arch. The arch-formed is very important, because it can divide body-weight optimally and it also keep to absorb collision perfectly.

Palm foot has three arches, two of them form lengthwise direction and one of them forms sideways direction.

If there is a slope at the arch, caused by weak muscle, the balance of palm foot is disturbed.


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