Saturday, February 7, 2009

Destructive Therapy to Cure Stress

Anger, stress and disappointment can make you destructive. You need a place to deliver your insoluble anger. People often hit pillow, wall, or messing the room to express their anger.

This act looks on as a bad action, but not for a group of people in Spain in a an open field, June 21, 2008. Using a big hammer, they destroyed refrigerator, car, and other household-wares before they came to a city party at Castejon, Spain.

These people believed the action is one of therapy, named destructive therapy. The therapy is used to release stress. This method, officially named destructotherapy, is found in 2003 by three Spanish businessmen. They tried considering a way to release stress and anger frequently happened in the office.

The therapy is then developed. Patient should pay to follow the session and they are free to use all means available to destroy varied things collected there. They are free to destroy anything in an hour. Surprisingly, 40 percent of participants are women.

It is still to be a question whether the therapy has a long good effect to the participant. However, all participants seem happier with the therapy.


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