Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fish Make A Child Clever

If pregnant woman is thirsted for a clever child, it is better to consider to make fish as a part of her diet during pregnancy. It is because fish can enhance the child think and motoric abilites.

A research published by American Journal of Epidemiology has put a test on the relationship between women consumption during pregnancy and cognitive result of three-ages children. The research showed that the women who consumed fish during her pregnancy had babies which had better motoric and cognitive abilites than the women who had not.

Three-ages children who are birth from mothers consuming at least two portion of fish every week show higher-than-level score on a test of vocabulary, visual-spacial, visual motor and skill-motoric.

According to David Neubauer MD, a researcher from John Hopkins University, the result is significance because pregnancy is the most important time for the development of baby's brain. Most of human nerve is formed when the pregnancy time is at six month. It is the time to form the the connection between the nerve cells.

"It is because fish contains of rich OMEGA III fat acid. The acid is known as an important component of brain structure," said Neubauer. The most riched OMEGA 3 fishes are salmon and hering.

However, Neubauer warns that not all kinds of fish consumption are benefit for the baby. it is because the fish that contaminates with dangerous substance such as mercury can also endanger the baby.

It is owing to the fact that a three-ages child who is birth from a mother consuming mercury-contaminated fish during pregnancy time tends to to have lower score in the test. The long-age big fishes such as tuna and swordfish, or the fish-eating fishes, they will accumulate mercury in their body. So both of them tend to have higher toxic level. The lower ones are such as shrimp, sardine, and salmon.


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