Thursday, July 30, 2009

Physical Activities for Pregnant Women

Everyone knows that doing physical exercise is a good way to maintain stamina. Sport also makes our body slimmer and healthier.

For expectant mother, sport is also useful. A new research reveals that when the woman works hard and does physical activities, it influences her baby. Her embryo's heart will more powerful and healthier. The statement was revealed in an annual meeting of Experimental Biology 2008 in San Diego.

"The research shows that physical activities done by expectant mother will benefit for the heart of both herself and her baby. We will continue the research and we will invite more women to join with the research." said Linda E. May, from Department of Anatomy at Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences.

At least 10 women became volunteer at the research. They were divided into two group. One group conducted physical activities, and the other did not. The embryo activities such as breathing, moving the body and mouth were monitored and recorded for 24 weeks.

The researchers found that the heart rhythm of embryos became slower and well-regulated when their mothers wee doing physical activities, whereas the heart rhythm of embryos of pregnant mother who did not have activities became higher.


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