Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The 14 Secrets of Long Life

Someone says that today human have average age of 50 - 70 years, comparing with people in the old days who had much longer average age. Whereas, the quality of health and education are better than before. What makes it like that? Below, Someone reveals several signs that will show you whether he / she lives longer or not.

1). Your mother born you when she was still young
When your mother born you at the age below 25 years old, there is possibility you will live long until up to 100 years old, comparing with someone born when her / his mother was above 25 years old. This opinion is asserted by experts from University of Chicago. They assume that young mothers have healthier ovum to breed.

2). You are tea lover
Both black and green tea can make your blood relax and protect your heart. At the research in Japan which involving more than 40500 men and women, participants who drank green tea 5 times or more everyday got lower risk of death because of heart attack and stroke. A research using black tea had the same result.

3). You likes walking
You are categorized healthy if you walk more than 30 minutes a day. And you will live 4 times longer than people walking less than 30 minutes. For women who have overweight problem, she can add 10 minutes more of walking activity everyday. So try to find time for walking, for example you can walk during lunch time, or you can do this activity when you accompany your child playing.

4). Avoid soda
Experts from Boston found that drinking a bottle or more soda will redouble your metabolism threat, such as high blood pressure, higher insulin, excessive fat in waist. Those will closer you to heart disease and diabetes.

5). You have strong feet
Strong lower part of the body means good balance, flexibility and endurance.

6). You eat purple-colored fruit
Such as grape, blueberry and red grape. According to the newest research, the purple-colored in the fruit shows that the fruit is rich of polyphenols, a compound that can lower the risk of heart attack and protect against Alzheimer disease.

7). You have an ideal weight when you are teenager
Journal of Pediatrics reveals a research followed by 137 participants who were observed from their birth age until at the age of 28 years old. The research shows that participants who were overweight during their 14 years old will have more risk of diabetes type 2 when they are adult. Adults who have diabetes will have more than 4 times to be struck by heart disease. It is reported by American Heart Association.

8). You Like Burger
Eating more than 18 ons of red meat every week scales up the risk of cancer. It is reported by American Institute for Cancer Research.

9). You Attend Class at the University
A study held by harvard Medical School expresses that people who get higher education will live 18 month more. It is because the more you have education, the more you understand healthy life.

10). You Likes Your Friends
"An interpersonal relationship can strive against stress," said Micah Sadigh, Phd, a proffesor in Psychology at Cedar Crest College. Having friends that stand behind you will make you healthy, mentally and physically. "You need friends that when you talk to them you are not blamed," said Sadigh.

11). You Have Healthy Friend
You have to find friends who have the same opinion with you about healthy life. Because people tends to follow her / his friends. It is according to the study posted on New England of Journal of Medicine.

12). You Likes Discipline and New Challenge
When you are organized, you have a chance of 89% not attacked by alzheimer. When you are focused, you use more of your brain power. It is said by Robert S Wilson, Phd, a professor of neurological and phsychological science from Rush University Medical Center at Chicago.
Try also to make personal goals or career and challenge yourself to reach them at certain time. You can also try new challenged to stimulate your brain.If you read otobiography, try at the next day to recall two or three facts of the reading.

13). You Do Not Have Servant at Your Home
You evade the 30 % risk of death just by cleaning your house, brushing the windows for more than 30 minutes. It is because by doing so, you burn at least 285 of your calories. The statement is based from a study involving 302 old people at the age of 70 and 80 years old.

14). You Live happily
Having a positive thinking and social care is healthier than a griper. "We will struggle to develop ourselves, finding the purpose of our life," said Corey Keyes, PhD, a professor of Sociology from Emory University. "At Sardinia and Okinawa, people have long age. They said working hard is important; but it is not more important than spending our time with the family, listening good voices and advices, and doing something for other people."

Translated in English from http://artikel-kesehatan-online.blogspot.com/


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