Sunday, July 25, 2010

Do not Frequently Kiss Your Baby

Everyone, especially mothers, frequently kiss their babies because of their love. But, do you know that often kiss the baby can danger the health of the baby himself?

It is because there are so many viruses can be transfered to the baby via saliva fragment and spread to the air. The baby then inhales the infected air. The statement was declared by dr. Theresia Adhitirta, Product manager of PT. Wyeth Indonesia, in a seminar about immunisation at Siloam Hospital, Kebun Jeruk, Jakarta, Indonesia.

According to dr. Theresia Adhitirta, the habitual of kissing a baby increase the cause of Invasive Pneumococcal Disease (IPD), that is a group of pneumokokus infection diseases such as pneumonia, blood infection (bactremia), and meningitis.

These diseases are one of the death cause and deformity at the baby. "The level of death because of the diseases for the baby is high, at about 50%," said dr. Adhitirta.

According to dr. Adhitirta, the diseases are often found at children below 5 years. Beside, the children at play group have high tendency to be infected by the diseases.

The baby who is born prematurely, or does not consume enough breast milk, or live in high pollute environment have high risk to be infected. " Don't often go to mall with your children," she said.

Source: Kompas


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