Thursday, July 29, 2010

Be Careful Sitting for Long Time

Many people spend their time sitting for a long time, especially when they are in their office, school, in the car, and even in front of television. Because they enjoy their activities, they do not realize that they have sit too long than they should do. Whereas experts say that sitting too long will endanger our heart, even when we routinely do sport.

Various journals mention that people who spend most of their time sitting will increase the risk of overweight, heart attack, and even shorten one's life.

Study held by Canadian experts examined health report of 17000 persons for 12 years. The result shows that people sitting too long have more risk of death.

Writing in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, Elin Ekblom-Bak at Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences suggested health experts not just recommend people to do sport, but also limited their sitting time.

After sitting 4 hours, our body will send us dangerous signal," said Eklom-Bam. He explained that the gene which was responsible to manage glucose and fat in the body would start to stop working.

Experts warn that the danger of sitting too long can happen to everyone, including those who routinely do sport. Tim Amstrong, sport expert of WHO, said that doing physical activities frequently when the day was in progress would be better than doing physical activities just at specific times.

"Keep moving when you are in your office. If you want to speak with your partner in other room, do not use telephone. It is better you move to come to your friend. Don't be lazy to move yourself," said Ekblom-Bak.

I think it is a good advice, since we always rely on modern technology that is easier us. But the easier, the lazier we are.

Translated from Kompas Cyber Media


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