Monday, August 2, 2010

Wrinkled Hand means Healthy

Do your fingers look wrinkled after swimming for hours in the swimming pool? Don't worry about that, because it means that your nerve is healthy. This is the end result of observation held by National University Hospital and National University of Singapore.

The wrinkle appears because your hand's nerves react against water stimulation. Do you know that your hand's skin is actually full of holes if you examine it with microscope? There are 400 - 500 holes or pores on our hand's skin which have function to secrete sweat. It is no wonder if we stay in the pool, the water easily penetrates into the body through our pores. This penetration influences our body's liquid and change electrolyte value in the body, although it is not big influence.

Our nerves are stimulated by water input, and react by way of corrugating quickly. When corrugate, the nerves pull blood vessel in fingers. The skin around the blood vessel then is also pulled. This is the way of our fingers' wrinkle.

The more wrinkles appear in our hand, the healthier is our nerves. It means that many nerves response to the stimulation. The wrinkle in hand exactly helps doctor to diagnose whether there are nerves' damage or disorder especially to the patients of diabetes and leprosy. It is of course not by submerging the patient's hand in the water, but by anesthesia.

Actually I had ever been worried about the wrinkles on my daughter's hand when she was hourly in the water before I found this article.

Translated from Intisari magazine


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