Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tobacco Produce Anti-Cancer Protein

Up till now we just apprehend that cigarette, which its main ingredient is tobacco, is the source of cancer. Recently, researchers from The Center of Biotechnoloy Research of Indonesian Science Intitution (LIPI) reveal that tobacco plant can produce anti-cancer protein.

How does tobacco produce anti-cancer protein? The expert basically tried to make trigger protein called Growth Colony Stimulating Factor (GCSF) by using tobacco plant (Nicotiana spp., L.). Tobacco used in the research was a local appropriate tobacco, i.e. Genjah kenongo. It is one of 18 local varieties researched. GCSF is an important hormone for stimulating blood production.

If DNA from human body is placed into tobacco using bacteria, the plant then can produce protein correspond with the DNA. If the plant is cultivated, we get its protein. The protein can be used as anti-cancer protein. The protein even also can be used to stimulate stem cells which can be developed to recover bad body network.

I think it is a good news for tobacco farmers.


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