Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cow Milk is not for Human Being

It is the most controversial opinion of Prof. Dr. Hiromi Shinya, a writer of best seller book, The Miracle of Enzyme. The professor said that no creature in the world drinks milk when they have been grown up except men. Why do people not do the same natural way as any other creature? "It is because the success of milk companies in advertising their products," he answered the statement himself. According to him, cow milk is the worst food or drink in the world.

Why is cow milk the worst food or drink for men in the world? It is because milk is a liquid substance. When it is consumed, it goes directly to men's throat and intestine, without having interaction with certain enzyme produced by men's mouth. Without interaction with the enzyme, intestine duty is harder. The compound in milk make the milk coagulate when it reaches intestine, and it is very hard to digest. In order to digest it, body must take main enzyme reserve. Whereas the main enzyme should be used for growth of bones and body, it is now be used to digest milk in the intestine. It is why milk drinker are easy to get oesteoporosis.

Prof Hiromi Shunya does not say sensationally. He is one of an outstanding expert of intestine in the world. He is the first doctor in the world who did operation on tumor and polyp in intestine without cut open patient's stomach. With his age of 70 years old, he has examine more than 300.000 of intestine of American and Japanese people.

Prof Hiromi always did experiment everytime he examined patient's intestine. he examined the relationship between the condition of intestine and the food or drink that his patient used to consume. Based on his research, he knew by heart that the patient with rumpled intentine was the one who consumed unworthy food or drink, i.e. milk and meat.

because the intestine duty is to digest and absorb food, the duty can not be executed properly if the food does not have criteria required by intestine. Not only the intestine is tired up, it also just can absorbed very few of digested food. As a consequence, cells growth are not good, the body immunity is low, and free-radicle cell freely wander around. Even unfibre food such as meat can leave residue on intestine wall, and bring diseases.

That is why prof Hiromi does not recommend meat as good food. He just suggests us to consume meat 15% of all food we consume.

Is the professor invention interesting or terrible for us?


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