Saturday, May 10, 2008

1.174 People Die Because of Cigarette

This is quite fanciful number. In Indonesia, there is around 1.174 people die because of cigarette. Or there are around 427.948 deaths in a year. The data is broght by Badan Khusus Pengandalian Tembakau Ikatan Hygienist Masyarakat (TCSC- IAKMI).

Researcher from Quit Tobacco Indonesia (QTI) Dra Yayi Suryo Prabandari MSi Phd at Medical faculty of UGM tells that half of the death happens by age productive.

He explains, at this time, cigarette is one of main cause of death in the world. Even, based on data World Health Organization (WHO) at 2008, 5,4 million people are predicted die because of cigarette. He is affirming now cigarette is legal murderer machine in the world.

Yayi regrets that even no-smoking campaign continues to declare, the amount of smokers continue increasing.

At this event, she also expresses research result conducted by her institute to adult smoker in Jogja. She said there is significant escalation of beginner smoker.

Yayi said that in 1995 research, the amount of male beginner smoker were only around 45 percents. However, research in 2000, the level becomes 60 percents. For this year, the researh is still going on.

Source: Jawa Pos


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