Thursday, May 22, 2008

Is Fatness Good?

Many civilian said that fatness is a symbol of prosperity. Nevertheless, many butterballs feel that fatness is unfavourable and has correlation with serious diseases, like high blood pressure, heart and diabetes.

So it is astonished that commercial advertisements of anti-fatness products can draw people attention and their products are bought by many people especially women.

Commonly fatness means there is abundant of fat in the body. Whereas medical definition of fatness is a complex disorder of appetite and energy metabolism controlled by specific biological factors.

The value of fatness is measured by formula:

Height x Height / Body weight
WHO Classification (for Asia Pacific)

Result Value:
18,5 - 22,9 = normal
23 - 24,9 = overweight
25 - 29,9 = obese 1
> 30 = obese 2

The fatness is caused by imbalance of calorie and its use which happens at a long time, inactive way of life, metabolism disparity, leptine gen which make us always saturated because of mutation.

Diseases caused by fatness are diabetes, gallstone, hypercholesterol, joint illness, cardiovascular, hypertension, infertility, apnea sleep syndrome, cancer, and disorder menstruation.

Target of fatness treatment is decreasing body weight, prevent fatness come back again, altering eat behavior, doing sport exercise to prevent from complication.

What the butterball can do are:

  • Food arrangement: Lessen to consume fat and carbohydrate instead of vegetables and fruits.Consult nutritionist if necessary.
  • Behavior Change: Scheduled eating and exercising
  • Medicine: It is used at certain condition.

The conclusion is that fatness is a chronic disease that need to have long-range and regular treatment. Besides arranging eating schedule, it ias also better to change behavior and endure planned body exercise and active life. (Dr Indra marki SpPD)


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