Friday, May 2, 2008

7 Secrets to Stay Young

Many people made a noise about her skin and face conditions which shows older than her real age. To overcome this problem, there are 7 secrets in order to you to remain ageless:

Always Feel Happy
Feel happy is one of main key in order to remain to be seen ageless. In every activity, try to conduct in accordance with what Anda wish. Avoid stress, guilty feeling and depressed because of others constraint. Remember, what you feel will tercermin at face Anda. Thus, one who is being happy, its face will be seen alight, easy going and younger than age actually.

Frequently Move
Doing physical exercise is way in order to ageless. Conduct jogging, quick walk, cycling and also swimming at around 30 minutes everyday. With sport, risk of heart attack, osteoporosis, and cancer will also shrink. A routine sport can add muscle flexibility, strengthen bone, and lessen stress, because body cells get more oxygen. Your sleep even also of well-sleep.

Consuming Vitamin C
You can obtain Vitamin C from fresh fruits (especially orange), green vegetables (brocolli and others) or vitamin C 1000 mg supplement a day. Vitamin C proves be able to strengthen body immune, lessen risk of cancer and protect a body against pollution. It is also better to drink much fresh water. Drinking 8 glasses of fresh white everyday will lessen stress, improve skin freshness, and smoothen the activity of body organ.

Use UV Protector (Sunscreen)
The sun is one of primary factor of early aging. In consequence, always use sunscreen moisturizer lotion regularly everyday, especially when going travelling, in order skin remains to be fresh, damp and not burn by sunshine, especially ultra violet ray (UV).

Enough Rest
Human needs at least 8 hour everyday to sleep. Enough resting can avoid eye poke forming, wrinkles and tired face.

Keep up Appearance
Appearance and face make-up also play important role. Even when age continue to increase, remain to pay attention at cosmetic type you use. Use thin make-up for natural impression without neglecting your condition and skin type.

A pessimist is always unconvinced of himself, easily hopeless and never keep up appearance, these conditions can make one get depression. Thus, become optimistic at all points, because this will make your life healthier and happier. (AD)


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