Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Skip it Sleeping Eight Hour A Day

This is the conclusion of a research conducted in the United States. The reason is even also very controversial. One who sleeps eight hour or more a day tend to die quicker. Of course this is different with the old theory that it is better for adult to sleep eight hour a day.

This Opinion perhaps correct. As you know, outstanding people like Bung Karno, Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru, Margaret Thatcher generally sleep only two till three hour a day and they do not experience health trouble. They are even more productive than anyone else.

On the other hand, there are some group of people in the world who sleep 8-12 hour a day, and if you do like that, it means that you are classified as a sleeper. A sleeper is usually less active to compete, less ambition, and quick accept what existence of (nrimo).

It is true that life is not merely sleeping. Also life is not for sleeping. But don't quickly assume that sleep is unimportant. A healthy people must sleep comfortably, so when he wakes up, his body is fresh again and he can conduct his activities properly. Hard workers like executives or professional need enough sleep without losing their high productivity.

Now the question is how many hours are the most ideal sleep? As concluded above at the research in America, which was conducted for 6 years and included more than a million respondents, the most ideal time for sleeping is 7 hours a day.

It Doesn't Matter Sleeping Six hour or Five Hour
Prof Daniel f. Kripke, MD, a psychiatry in University of California, said to WebMD that it is not bad to sleep six hours a day. Most Americans are sleeping at average of six and a half hours in one day. However, you must not sleep eight hours and there is no problem if you sleep less than that, he said.

Nevertheless, Donald L Bliwise, a sleep expert from Atlanta’s Emory University, reminds that it is not good for our health if we continuously sleeps in unsufficient number for a long time.

Death Risk
Krike and his patners analyzed a research result from American Cancer Society that performed between in 1982-1988. This Study collected information about sleep habit and human health examined for six year. The analyzed objects were people with average age of 30 –102 year.

According to the research, people who slept eight hours a day have a risk to die quicker 12 percents. the level risk became 17 percents at people sleeping seven hour a day. Meanwhile the bigger risk 34 percents came for people who slept ten hour a day. Death Risk for people who sleep ten hour a day is equal to death risk at fatness people," said Kripke.

Then how is the people that less sleep? They also experience earlier death but the prosentation is smaller than people who sleep longer.

Why is Sleeping Longer Bad?
Long sleep is similar with eating much. Jim Horne, PhD, from Loughborough University, UK, that also conduct similar research about sleep problem, said, "If you sleep longer, you sleep more than you need to. It is similar if you eat much, you eat much more than you need to."

You had to remember about research which used the sample of 8 university students in France. The research showed that long staying in bed would reduce system immune. Eight french students that slouch in bad during six weeks with the position of their head lower than their foot/feet, their immune system againts viruses and tumor reduced between 40-50 percents in first fortnight.

Indonesian Sleep Longer in the World
How is in Indonesia? In research held by psikiater Dr Yul Iskandar, the average sleep of Indonesian is at 22.00 and wake up at 05.00. The result of research at a group of teens in Bali is even worse. They spend 30 - 40 percent of their activities for sleeping. That is why if we will be more productive for our country, we must take a short cut of our sleeping hour.


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