Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Don't Underestimate Headache

According to a research of National Institute of Neurologic Disorder and Stroke (NINDS), USA, headache can lead to stroke if it do not handle appropriately.

There are several kinds of headache, some of them have serious effect. There is also headache accompanied by migraine and strain. It is difficult to know the kinds of one's headache that lead to stroke without going to a doctor.

NINDS research gives a note that many strokes which follow headache and migraine are caused by the disturbance of blood circulation on upper neck. So if you get both headache and feel pain at your upper neck, you must go immediately to a doctor. Do not let your headache without supervision, and do not just consume common medicine. A headache medicine you buy at store is just palliative. It gives you time to find the source problem of your headache and handle it before late.

There are two kinds of stroke, i.e hemorragic stroke and ischemic stroke. Hemorragic stroke happens when the main artery of brain is broken and the blood spreads to other tissues. ischemic stroke happens when the main artery of brain is clogged up, so blood current decreases or stop, making brain cells become die.

My wife has also such headache. Now she tries to cope it with traditional medicine made from extracted worm. Thank's god she is feeling better now.

Translated from Intisari


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